Ladies, this is our fault.

In Me Time & Self Love by Avery

There are days of exhaustion. Days of frustration. Days of utter disgust. Days of detachment. Days of upheaval. And days of surrender. (I feel like I keep saying this, and perhaps its because I actually keep saying this)


we don’t talk enough about the days of beauty, fulfillment, agreement, splendor, success and joy that make those other days (see above) all worth it. Somehow, sadly, the downsides of (step)motherhood take the spotlight in our society. But it doesn’t represent reality for everyone, or how it has to be. And it certainly doesn’t represent what matters. In the grand scheme of it, it’s the high notes that matter, that you remember, that you hold onto, and hat keep you going. They serve as incremental reminders that progress is being made and that you are, in fact, an effing awesome (step)mom.

As a (step)mom, you have made a choice. Ladies, this is our fault (but don’t let anyone shame you for that choice). We have no one to blame but ourselves. No one asked us to do this. We opted for the messiest, most uncharted, and largely unpopular path of actively co-parenting because we fell in love and chose to stay. There was no interview my partner conducted to ask if I would be intimately intertwined and interested in his children’s lives. There was no job requirement that I must be proficient in parenting in order to be with him. I accepted a position in that I have zero qualifications for, but am obsessively passionate about and am determined to master. Isn’t that how the best adventures begin? And even isn’t that how all parenthood begins, anyway?

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.