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We are Avery and Erica and we are delighted to welcome you into our (step)family.

On, you’ll find advice, inspiration, real talk, and yes, cocktail recipes.Avery & Erica
We first met in the second grade, and have been best friends ever since. A few short years ago, we found ourselves in remarkably similar situations: both dating men who were recently divorced, with two children and an ex-wife in tow. We had found the loves of our lives, but struggled to envision ourselves as (step)moms.

As professional, educated women (we’re go-getters, okay?!), our natural inclinations led us to research (step)motherhood and the dynamics of blended families.

To our surprise and dismay, the resources we found were often discouraging, sometimes depressing, and overwhelmingly negative. READ: NOT HELPFUL!

So, we decided to do what any boss lady would do: we built a community dedicated to…

empowering (step)moms,
redefining motherhood,
and conquering crisis over cocktails.

On, you’ll find advice, inspiration, real talk, and yes, cocktail recipes, to help you be the very best (step)you that you can be.

What you won’t find is finger-pointing, pettiness, or ex-bashing. We’re here to create a positive and diverse community of women who are committed to exploring, discovering, and taking ownership of what the (step)mom role means to them. And you can’t do that while you’re behind a computer screen trashing the bio-mom.

So, move aside, internet trolls! is here to transform society’s understanding of (step)moms. And we’re going to have fun doing it!

“…move aside internet trolls!” – Avery & Erica

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We know it won’t be easy, but we can guarantee it’ll be worth it. Cheers to you, (step)mom!

Love in (step)motherhood,
Avery & Erica