Empowering (step)moms

A girl is not taught to imagine her white picket fence with an ex and children from a previous partnership in tow. In fact, we are taught to avoid that scenario. Yet, as 50% of marriages in the US will end in divorce, the odds of women finding quality men with children become greater. Even more startling is that over 80% of second marriages with children end in divorce. Yet, (step)motherhood can be a positive, empowering experience for many. With the right materials, resources, community and support we will explore, discover, and take ownership of what being a (step)mom means to every one of us, enabling each other to be our best selves while doing it.

Redefining motherhood

Blended families are the new norm. 1300 new (step)families are forming every day and 50% of all women are likely to live in a (step)family relationship at some point in their life. Yet societal perceptions of (step)mothers are still overwhelmingly negative, with the image of the “evil stepmother” often looming over our heads. Many – and we’d argue most – (step)moms truly care for and love their (step)children. An active (step)mom is no less of a mother than a (bio)mom except by genetic definition. Our community will transform the word (step)mom into a positive one – one with associations of warmth, respect, and appreciation of the mothering (step)moms do because they want to, not because they have to.

Conquering crisis over cocktails

Every now and again, you may find yourself in need of a little spritzer to get through the thick (and thin) of (step)mommyhood. What parent doesn’t need a cocktail (or at least something in a fancy glass) from time to time? We hope our blog cocktail pairings will add levity to your (step)mom journey and encourage you to celebrate how awesome you are, and to remind you to have fun along the way!

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