These are the words we live by.
Here’s how to use #momward in your life.

#Momward Manifesto

#momward is a movement
it means to move forward, onward
it means that we learn from our mistakes
~but that we have the courage to make them in the first place
it means that we are fearless
~but that we face our fears
it means that we are open to transition and change
~but that we stay true to who we are
it means that we actively create a life that we love
~but always consider the ones that we love in the process
it means that we advocate for radical self-care
~but also for radical selflessness
it means that we believe in staying positive
~but also in giving the negative the room necessary for self-growth
it means that we embrace the role of (step)mom
~we own it,
~we transform it,
~we reveal its strength
and it means that in this community, which we build together
we will lift each other up
for the goal is – always – to move #momward